DJ and MC

Dommer til United Break Battle DJ Nobanunga.

DJ Nobunaga

In the Bboy scene people know & recognize Nobunaga for his original sound.

Beats & Breaks with a future twist mixed with heavy drum breaks with some nice groove. Nobunaga is not only a bboy DJ, he also play Popping, House, Locking, Hiphop & Experimental battles.

Since 2010 Nobunaga starts to play at party’s in all different genres. He also has his own party in his city Remember The Time (R&B Hiphop).
Events he played in his DJ career: Redbull BC 1, Battle Of The Year, IBE, World Bboy Classic, BBIC Korea, Freestyle Session, Eurobattle, UK Champs, Evolution, Juste Debout, SDK, Funkin Styles Summer Dance Forever and more.

With the sound of Nobunaga, he travels around the world and played in USA, Japan, Korea, Israel, Sweden, France, Dubai, Brazil, Bulgaria, Estland, Spain, Italie, Belgium, Germany and other countries across the globe.

MC Blacc El

Blacc El is a rap artist and the owner of IcyTheFuture Records. When he is not releasing his own projects and featuring on various international artists music, Denmarks most after-sought Break MC and retired bboy from Familia Loca Crew is well known to guide the crowd and enhance the breakers energy at any time and location!